Teacher Entrepreneur


Steffanie R. Lopes- (Oakland, CA)

● NHI Massage Therapy student (Sept 2022)
● Balanced Body Pilates Community Expansion Scholarship Awardee
● Certified Yoga Mat Instructor (May 2021)
● Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructor (Sept 2021)
● Member of the Inaugural SoFi Suites team
● MA at NYU/BA at UCLA

I began teaching dance when I was twelve and have continued to teach dance either in the private studio or public school system since. I completed my BA at UCLA in 1993 and after college continued teaching in Compton then Los Angeles until relocating, with my then 3 year old daughter, to NYC in 2000. I received an MA in Dance Education from NYU in 2004 while teaching dance for the Dept of Ed, developing my daughter’s dance talent and working as a teaching artist, for such institutions as Ailey Arts-In-Education and Global Arts to Go. In 2009, I embarked on a career that included a visiting professorship at Stephens College; full-time personal training and Pilates instruction; and teaching dance at Bridgewater State College. I’ve spent over 15 years studying Bikram Yoga, practicing Pilates and developing a stellar culturally responsive Dance Ed curriculum that included choreographing, producing, and directing a multitude of student performances. Now back in Los Angeles as an empty nester with a child achieving her goals as a certified makeup artist, I am fully involved in my sports service career at Dodgers and SoFi Stadiums while pursuing MY original life’s dream of performing for a living. These days you can find me creating art everyday: inside my voice over booth; taking any number of acting intensives at T. Schreiber; stretching my vocal range; crocheting custom made blankets; mixing cocktails for every occasion and (not soon enough) back to in person dance classes.
Gotta go……It’s time for class!!!!